Absinthe Was Once Banned for Being Evil—Now It’s Just Meh

By David Marcelis| david.marcelis@wsj.com

A decade after it was reintroduced in the U.S., drinkers don’t find a green fairy, just a licorice-tasting liquor that most leave in the glass; ‘my mom might like it.’

During its heyday in the 19th century, absinthe was one of the world’s most popular liquors—a fixture on bar menus from Paris to New Orleans and a particular favorite among artists.

It was long rumored to cause hallucinations: Oscar Wilde said he once saw flowers spring up around him at a cafe while drinking it. Some say it even influenced Vincent van Gogh’s decision to slice his ear off. Absinthe’s detractors (including the wine industry) vilified the spirit, and a grisly family murder in Switzerland that was blamed on absinthe sealed its fate. A top U.S. official called the herbal liquor “one of the worst enemies of man.”

The resulting ban, which began in 1912, removed absinthe from U.S. shelves, but it wasn’t necessarily bad for its romantically wicked image. By the time scientists cleared it of wrongdoing, allowing it to be reinstated in 2007, adventurous drinkers were eager for a taste.

Ten years later, they have reached a verdict: meh.


“It was a tough swallow,” said Sean Connors, a 43-year-old attorney who tried absinthe in the Czech Republic, one of the few places it was still found, before the U.S. ban was lifted. He said he ordered the drink hoping he would hallucinate. He didn’t. “I was just left with a licorice-tasting liquor,” he said. “My mom might like it.”

Bartenders weren’t crazy about the drink’s elaborate serving ritual, which involves pouring a measure of absinthe into a glass and balancing a sugar cube on a slotted spoon on the rim. Ice water is then dripped through the sugar from a specially made decanter called a “fountain” to dilute the drink—most absinthes are about 120 proof.

“The guests weren’t always super into it,” said Dave Kaplan, one of the founders of the bar Death & Co in New York’s East Village, who said the excitement only lasted about six months. A big turnoff was absinthe’s strong anise taste, which is similar to black licorice. “Most of the time,” Mr. Kaplan said, “the drinks would go unfinished.”

Hali Barnett, a bartender at Lovecraft in New York’s East Village, said her bar offers the fire ritual for absinthe mostly due to popular demand.Photo: David Marcelis/The Wall Street Journal

Bartender Tyson Buhler said instead of a fountain service, Death & Co now offers a jug of sweetened water for customers to pour as they please. Even so, he said most customers first try the extremely high-proof drink neat. “It’s a jarring experience for a lot of people,” he said. “I don’t see it becoming the next bourbon.”

Last year, U.S. absinthe sales were 42% lower than in 2008—the first full year the spirit was reauthorized—according to research firm IWSR. Absinthe experts say they don’t believe the IWSR numbers fully reflect a market mostly composed of small local players, but they acknowledge overall sales are indeed likely to be lower than a decade ago.

Brian Robinson of the Wormwood Society, a nonprofit focused on dispelling myths about the spirit, said bars are mostly to blame for lagging sales. The Virginia financial adviser said that out of the 200-plus places where he has tried absinthe, “maybe three or four of them served it properly. Maybe you only dilute it one to one, or you serve it straight, or you set it on fire—nobody likes that because it doesn’t taste good.”

Hali Barnett, a bartender at Lovecraft in the East Village, said her bar offers the fire ritual mostly due to popular demand. Customers who favor it tend to be in their early 20s, she said. She usually warns guests requesting it that she is about to burn most of the alcohol out of the drink they just purchased, but she doesn’t try to dissuade them further. “They just want to get smashed,” she said.

Absinthe’s herbal ingredients, which include grand wormwood, green anise and fennel, may be part of the problem. William Elliott, bar director at Maison Premiere in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, said anise isn’t a flavor many Americans are familiar with. “All over the world, it’s a major component in baking, confections and alcohol,” he said. “Only America has this big childhood problem of disliking the flavor.”

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An Art Lover's Guide To NYC

Ryan ParkesUpdated: 18 January 2016

New York City encompasses a large and important sector of the art world, offering some of the best international museums, galleries, and exhibition spaces. Ranging from the didactic and the expressionistic to the jarring and the bizarre, we explore a variety of artistic spaces available to art lovers NYC.


A cross-town trip to the East Village might yield a good run at some of the city’s trendiest thrift shops. Tucked between these gems is Lovecraft, a bar with a visual take on the lauded titular author’s legacy and imagination. Shows are often held on the floor below the bar, a space routinely surrounded by artwork from New York City contemporaries.

Location: 50 Avenue B, New York, NY 10009

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Yukiro and I were excited to visit the recently-opened Lovecraft Bar NYC. The theme restaurant / lounge honors H.P. Lovecraft and his dark, cosmic literary works.

(Address: 50 Ave B, Lower East Side, New York, NY)


The spacious bar has two floors, including a performance space in the basement. The decor pays homage to the Lovecraftian universe; all of the artwork and materials are elegantly curated. (I’m wearing this exact Disturbia top with the Lovecraft gate symbol on it. It also comes in this grey version.)

If you’ve read Lovecraft’s stories, such as his Necronomicon collection, you’ll recognize his occult symbols on this mural. Pyramids, tentacles and fear: our favorite combination!


Upstairs, there is a fully stocked bar. The tattooed bartender prepared the favorite drink of the Goths — absinthe — and lit it on fire.


The New York Lovecraft bar is haunted by his evil deities, particulary Cthulhu. Part octopus, man and dragon, he lies in wait at the bottom of this fish tank. “Iä! Iä! Cthulhu fhtagn!”

HP Lovecraft has a cult following, and my friends and I love his works. If you haven’t read his books before, I recommend starting with “Necronomicon: The Best Weird Tales.”


The Lovecraft bar has an extensive food and drink menu. We had a hard time choosing from the craft cocktails, with delectable names like Tesla’s Blood, Mythos Margarita, Dagon’s Bite (named after the sea deity in one of his early tales).

The bartender also makes his own infused spirits, with unusual ingredients like carrots and chai. The pumpkin spice was tangy perfection.


At theme restaurants, the food is often an afterthought. Thankfully, this is not the case at Lovecraft NY.

The very first dish was possibly our favorite: a martini glass of watermelon, avocado and tuna ceviche.


In honor of the octopus god Cthulhu, we ordered this fresh salad with tentacles.


Lovecraft introduced this malevolent being in one of his most famous stories, 1928’s “The Call of Cthulhu” (found in the Necronomicon collection). The Elder God is hibernating in an underwater city, causing ripples of subconscious anxiety in our minds.

His worshippers chant: “Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn.” (“In his house at R’lyeh, dead Cthulhu waits dreaming.”)


Chef Shapan Karmaker brought us a wide selection of stand-out dishes, including crab cakes with homemade sauces, and other Western-fusion creations. The chef has cooked at restaurants of different genres for over a decade, and brings his expertise to the Lovecraftian menu.


The Lovecraft‘s dark interior design, drinks and cuisine are an impeccable tribute to the author. We encourage you to visit Manhattan’s Lower East Side, and dine in a space full of mystical wonder and terror.

(Photography by Joey Wong.)


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RAWR! Makes Horror-Themed Burlesque Sexy (NSFW)

By Sachyn Mital | Saturday, August 22, 2015

Location: 50 Avenue B, New York, NY 10009

RAWR! Burlesque

NYC's Lovecraft-themed bar celebrated it's one-year anniversary as well as the birthday of its namesake author H.P. Lovecraft on August 21, 2015, with films, bands and burlesque from RAWR!. Horror isn't the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of artful stripping but RAWR! managed to make the weird sexy.

Okay, the hamburger act was just weird, but the production from Dangrrr Doll and Stella Chuu was a lot of fun. It included host Albert Cadabra hammering a nail into his face, a tribute to a "Beholder" from Hazel Honeysuckle, and one performance starring everyone's favorite Lovecraft creature, the Cthulhu, done by Anja Keister. The next RAWR! show, 'Comic Con Vixens,' is an official New York Comic Con event and will be held on October 10.


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Restaurant Review: Lovecraft Bar NYC

By MsDesha / Featured, Taste/July 13, 2015

Location: 50 Avenue B, New York, NY 10009

Cuisine: American

Best Dish: Two Words- Lobster Tacos. These are an amazing hybrid between a lobster roll and a fish taco. The crunchy shell holds up well with the large chunks of delicious lobster meat.

Overall: It’s more than a bar it’s an event. Despite its horror themed appearance Lovecraft is a fun relaxed place with a friendly staff and really good food. It’s a good place to enjoy after work or with a few friends. The space also makes a great venue for a first date the decor alone will give you something to talk about and if you’re lucky, Troy will be there to supply the soundtrack to your new love story.

If you are a fan of horror, steam punk or delicious flavors find your way to Lovecraft. We visited the intimate bar and eatery last week for dinner and cocktails. We sauntered in and admired the industrial brick walls and deep brown tones. The space is named after horror writer H.P. Lovecraft and the decor represents his fantastical imagination and dark imagery. We settled into a corner table and admired the full length bar and artwork gracing the walls. The venue also features a lounge on the lower level. The lounge is where most of the live performances take place; it features a stage and plush seating. For our review we opted to sit upstairs in the bar/dining area to concentrate on our meal. Given the dark decor and horror theme of the space we weren’t expecting a medley of bubbly 80’s pop to be blaring from the speakers. Hits by Lionel Richie and Aha were surprising but comforting, we were there to have a good time and the soundtrack of classic pop was an enhancement to our evening.

While looking over the menu, we were surprised by the selections. Considering our surroundings, I expected simple bar food; wings sliders etc. We were pleasantly surprised and excited to see a fully developed menu of tasty dishes and interesting spirits. Lovecraft infuses liquor with fun flavor combinations. We started dinner with some fab cocktails, specially mixed by resident mixologist and music lover Troy. The bar menu offers several specialty cocktails but we felt adventurous, and left our taste buds in Troy’s capable hands. I was presented with a citrus based cocktail. I haven’t a clue what was in it besides vodka, fruit juice and a refreshing hint of cucumber. My companion enjoyed a Manhattan with cranberry infused bourbon, a new take on a familiar classic. Both drinks were delicious and got our taste buds buzzing for dinner.

As we sipped our cocktails the sun dipped along the horizon and the music changed. R&B wafted through the air creating a much more romantic vibe than anticipated. Our appetizers arrived and we dug into our first course. We started the meal with the Maryland Crab Cake and Lobster Tacos. The Crab Cake arrived with a side of lightly dressed leafy greens to compliment the sweet buttery crab. The Crab Cake was moist, tender, and seared just right for extra texture.

If you enjoy lobster rolls as much as we do you will lose your mind over the Lobster Tacos. These fragrant things of beauty are delicious and more than worth the trip to the lower east side. The shells are light and crisp against the cool plump lobster meat.

After devouring our first course we settled in to enjoy more of our favorite songs, courtesy of our new best friend Troy. If you are lucky you will visit on a night he is working. His musical taste goes beyond genres and like everything else at Lovecraft was a total surprise. Who knew this red headed bearded man would have such an impressive library of 90’s R&B? While waiting for our entrees we enjoyed another round of cocktails. This time I tried a Zombie with absinthe. The traditional recipe for a Zombie calls for several rums and has high alcohol content. Adding Absinthe is a wild addition to the potent ingredients associated with this beverage. This version of the Zombie was sweet and fruity with a hint of black licorice.

Our next course was the Orecchiette pasta. Orecchiette is small round pasta that resembles little ears. The pasta is served simply with a light sauce, savory Italian sausage crumbles and broccoli rabe. This dish is sized to share and delicious. This is a good option for pasta lovers in the summer. Without the copious amounts of red sauce was lighter and filling but not overwhelming. After eating we felt satisfied but not stuffed.

Our last course of the evening was the “Frenched Chicken Breast”. Frenching is a technique by which a piece of meat is cut in a way that reveals a piece of bone. A frenched chicken breast has the drum part of the wing still attached and is shaved slightly at the end. The chicken was served on a bed of creamy mashed potatoes with grilled asparagus. The chicken was well seasoned and juicy.

Instead of dessert, we ended our meal with a round of sweet shots. We love bacon and we could not leave without a shot of the maple bacon bourbon. Yes you read that correctly, Maple Bacon Bourbon! We have had bacon infused cocktails before but this was hands down one of the best. The first thing you notice when raising your glass is the scent of smoky bacon. The first drop on your tongue presents the warmth of bourbon followed by a sweet maple finish.

The ambiance and friendly service at Lovecraft are a great compliment to the delicious food and refreshing cocktails. The bar isn’t just about food and drinks they are also about fun and quirky events. Stop by on a Monday evening for Trivia night and the chance to win $50 towards drinks. If you are looking for an end of summer party drop by for the H.P. Lovecraft birthday celebration. On August 21, 2015, Lovecraft Bar NYC will host a party in honor of the legendary horror-writer, H.P. Lovecraft. Bar-goers attending this unique and thrilling event must prepare for a night of live music, burlesque, live readings, costumes, magicians, steampunk, film screening and much more! It will take place from 4:00pm – 1:00am

Guests attending the birthday bash can indulge in delicious and innovative menu items created by award-winning celebrity chef, Chris Coleman, while enjoying a variety of specialty infused cocktails and craft beer. The “Lovecraftian” atmosphere creates a spooky yet mystical vibe you will not want to miss on this special day. The first 50 guests before 6:00pm will receive a free shot to kick-off the night!

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Cosplay Hangouts: Lovecraft, NYC

Author: Ashley Wilson

Looking for the perfect place to hang out in NYC is like a magical adventure into the unknown, and perhaps one of the greatest things about New York. With so much to choose from you never know what gem you may come across. Just imagine, it’s Wednesday night and you’re looking for a great Sign in Lovecraft: "Bar Downstairsplace to celebrate hump day after a long and tedious evening at work—somewhere to relax and possibly have some fun.

Have you ever considered taking a “terrifying journey into forbidden knowledge and space”? If you answered “No,” then you’ve probably never visited Lovecraft Bar in NYC. Lovecraft Restaurant & Bar has only been around for about a year, but is already leaving a great impression being voted winner of 2014’s Best New Bar by The Village Voice’s Best of NYC Readers Poll—and with great reason. This is definitely a place to visit for fun nightlife in NYC!

The décor and theme is something out of a book, literally. H.P. Lovecraft, the author most known for his chilling and terrifying tales has inspired this Subterranean “Deep End” lounge. Located on 50 Avenue B in the East Village, you won’t be short of a good time whether you go on a Weekend or a Weekday. With a fully loaded schedule, with everything from karaoke, live performances, story telling, and a night dedicated to horror and sci-fi movies, what more could you ask for? Cosplay Culture senior staff writer, Ashley Wilson, took a trip to Lovecraft NYC that she would never forget!

Walking down the street I instantly caught a glimpse of my final destination for the night, Lovecraft. I had been meaning to check out the location for awhile after hearing about it from a retailer at New York Comic Con. Earlier that day I had gotten a notification on Facebook about a night of geek themed a cappella by a group of performers known as ChoirFly. I had no idea what I was in for.

When first entered I was enchanted by what seemed to be a lab belonging to an alchemist where drinks are poured out of specimen jars with cocktails named after spooky concoctions such as “Elysian Ginger,” “Zounds!” and a drink called “The Green God,” which is served with a traditional Czech Fire Ritual. Rimming the borderline of strange and exotic, their menu draws you in with some familiar traditions for order as well as new specials. As you ascend to the back following the staircase to a lair where the supernatural and otherworldly interior decorating is inspired by stories such as The Call of Cthulu, a creature with a sea level tomb. R’lyeh, the home of the god-like creature, is explained in literature as “underwater and inside the earth,” and no better description explains the downstairs area of Lovecraft. With earth tones of rustic bronze and tarnished copper with pale greens accents, it’s hard to not feel emerged into an underground of hauntingly beautiful surrealism. The interior design and artwork was created by New York artist Benjamin Enzfelder, who spent hundreds of hours painting and sculpting the fantasy atmosphere into perfection.

As I watched ChoirFly, the nerd themed group of singers made up of a cast of performers with backgrounds ranging from cosplayers to actors who performed songs referencing everything from movies like Harry Potter to shows like Firefly and Doctor Who, I was enamored by the crowd as they cheered in glee to nostalgic reminders of childhood and geekdom.

As the night progressed, I was later presented the opportunity to witness a fashion show going on in another room of the shadowy parlor of their massive downstairs utopia. Sitting down admiring the amount of creativity flowing in and out of the room, I was approached by a server acquiring which drink would I be enjoying that evening. And, as usual when in a new restaurant, I asked what drink was frequently requested, and he suggested I try “Death in the Afternoon”—a blackberry vanilla infused absinthe accented with champagne. I decided to give it a try and, within moments, I was thrilled that this drink was just as good as the history of its main ingredient. Absinthe has been directly related to artists and poets such as Vincent van Gogh, Arthur Rimbaud and Charles Baudelaire, and was frequently drunk by patrons at the Moulin Rouge. It is known as a romantic yet mysterious drink made of an herbal liqueur distilled with a great number of flavorful herbs like anise, licorice, hyssop, veronica, fennel, lemon balm, angelica and wormwood. It is more of an exotic taste if you’re used to vodka cocktails and Fireball shots, but a great choice to start your experience into the unknown.

I, later, worked my way back into the other room where karaoke was now taking place. Other than singing in the shower, or my freshman year talent show, I have never sung in public…until that night. The spirited amount of energy being shed throughout the room influenced me to unveil my inner Beyoncé, and belt out lyrics from “Single Ladies” as other performers from the late night crowd performed everything from the theatrical likes of the Broadway show Wicked to 1970s hits by Queen like “Fat Bottomed Girls” and Eminem’s hit song “Lose Yourself.

As the night ended, I had a chance to speak with a few fans of the location and was surprised by how down to earth and friendly they were even though it was two a.m., freezing cold and a Wednesday in New York City. Lovecraft brings out geeks of various backgrounds and is great place to meet new people and great friends. It is definitely a place to check out for fun times, unique drinks from friendly bartenders, great servers, and a creative atmosphere. I look forward to going back for another adventure!

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Must Eat: Lovecraft

If you ever find yourself in ABC City, make it a point to have one of your meals (or drinks) at Lovecraft. Tucked between Avenue A and B on 3rd street, this sci-fi themed restaurant pays homage to H.P. Lovecraft. Less than a year old, the space is finding itself at home in its new hood.

Inspired by Lovecraft's imagination, little monsters adorn both floors (yes, this place has two floors) and all are hand painted and etched. The gallery wall on the main floor is dedicated to sketches of Lovecraft himself or his conjured creations. If you're there early (i.e. brunch) the wall is insta-worthy for those that are digitally obsessed.

The bottom floors are always bustling with energy from the community (in a good way). The night I attended there was a local gallery showing and another room was getting prepped for an open mic. I was also told that costume parties are pretty popular there due to its fantastical decor.

The spot recently dived head first into the food scene and nothing my friend (absolutely nothing) is left behind when it comes to taste. The American trained chef and 2009 Chopped Winner, Chris Coleman, prides himself on using the freshest ingredients and doing things the right way. When I met with him, he hinted at the possibilities of new additions and fun changes for the fall season. Um YUM!

Lovecraft carries a full bar but let's be honest - don't come for basic drinks. Come for their vodka infusions and absinthe cocktails. Normally I stray from drinking on a work week but I had to sip their fig and sage vodka infusion - so delish, so strong, so what I needed. There are a few odd infusions on their list, but sometimes the weirdest combos taste magical.

Headed there soon? Here are a few recommendations straight from the Chef and I: Seafood Bouillabaisse, Montauk Lobster Tacos, Maryland Crab Cake, or try their Skirt Steak. Going for a boozy brunch? Then you must absolutely try their Fried Chicken & Waffles or Crab Cake Benedict. For another $15 get unlimited drinks to accompany your waffles.

I'm definitely trying their Fried Chicken & Waffles and maybe an absinthe drink (or two) when I revisit later this month. Can't wait!

Restaurant hours + tidbits: 50 Avenue B Hours: M-T 4p-12p, F 4p-1p, Sa 11a-1a, Su 11a-12a Happy Hour: 4p-8p | $3 off all cocktails + infusions


Horror Fiction in the East Village: Lovecraft Bar

A steampunk-themed interior intricately detailed with water fixtures, hanging lights, tentacles and plenty more gives this East Village bar a mysterious and spooky feeling right in line with its namesake, H.P. Lovecraft.

I recently was invited in to check out Lovecraft’s new dinner menu, which debuted this spring featuring innovative items created by award-winning celebrity chef, Chris Coleman. But before we dive into the food, let me gloat again about the interior – wow. If not for anything else, stop by Lovecraft just to explore the multi-roomed interior that takes you through the strange, dark fiction of H.P. Lovecraft.

Lovecraft Bar opened last year as a cocktail bar featuring live music on its stage downstairs. It now features a full brunch and dinner menu featuring items including crisp salads, tasty appetizers and mouth-watering entrees “from the sea” and “from the land.”

Maryland crab cakes come out surrounded by beads of truffle aioli. There was virtually no breading in this crab cake, with it truly being a crab cake and consisting of copious amounts of perfectly seared lump crab.

Montauk lobster tacos come out three to a plate. Once again, Chef Coleman doesn’t shy away from liberal amounts of seafood. These tacos were bursting with lots of delicious lobster meat. The lobster is mixed with mayo and a light cream sauce and it’s all topped with pico de gallo and an avocado puree. My only recommendation would be to go a little lighter on the sauce next time. The lobster had a lot of flavor and I didn’t want the sauce to overpower that too much.

Pistachio crusted walleye was served with gorgonzola and blue cheese-infused fingerling potatoes. The fish was fresh and had a very light and refreshing taste to it. The potatoes added some more heartiness to the dish and were absolutely delicious – who wouldn’t love potatoes covered in cheese?

The Verdict

The eldritch interior design, impeccable artwork, and weekly entertainment have attracted Lovecraft fans, local art enthusiasts and live-music fanatics from all over the city. Restaurant and bar-goers now have the fabulous opportunity to enjoy Chef Coleman’s culinary talents as well. The interior is simply spectacular and the food excels as well. Kudos to Lovecraft Bar. Check it out next time you’re in the East Village!

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This Weekend Try #LovecraftNYC On The LES

Sure, you can grab a beer or cocktail at just about any bar in the city, but if you want to take your beer loving, cocktail drinking, and ghost story telling game to the next level then you’re going to have to check out Lovecraft Bar in NYC! Located in the heart of the Lower East Side, Lovecraft is NYC’s newest craft bar and restaurant.

This horror-themed bar was created in honor of writer H.P. Lovecraft; American author who achieved posthumous fame through his influential works of horror fiction. Lovecraft Bar NYC has been inspired and modeled after his literary works, with drinks that include infused cocktails, a large selection of beers, and scrumptious eats. Everything from the drinks to the décor pay tribute to Lovecraft’s life and works.

The impeccable artwork and design by a local artist gives this bar a “Lovecraftian” atmosphere that is overflowing with wonder and terror. He spent hundreds of hours making this lounge to the standards H.P. Lovecraft and his fans deserve. Gorgeously painted, the eldritch interior design gives it a spooky, yet mystical vibe, which makes this NYC bar simply spectacular.

I had a lovely review dinner that started with the Ceasar salad, which I highly recommend. One tip: Get your dressing on the side as it comes with a lot. I followed the salad with the Skirt Steak served with grilled vegetables and the garlic mash. I also tried a mouthful of the You can substitute this instead of the steak if you are in the mood for a really yummy fish option. The dessert menu rotates but on the night I was there the Creme Brulee was the one to have. All the dishes were hearty and scrumputous, although I would skip the mash. I have two requests that I would love to see added to make this my perfect regular LES hang – a good alcohol-free beer, like Singha or Bucklers, and decaf coffee options. For us teetotalers, who don’t drink coffee late at night, there were not enough drink options.

While the decor is especially loved by Lovecraft fans, local art enthusiasts, and live-music fanatics, you don’t have to be a fan of the legendary horror fiction legend writer to fall in love with this venue. If you enjoy a laid-back atmosphere with superb food, top-notch service and, of course, exceptional drinks, then this will be your new favorite East Village spot. Lovecraft is a captivating establishment that all New Yorkers will find truly special and unique.

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Lovecraft Restaurant and Bar NYC

Lower East Side’s newest craft bar and restaurant is launching a new brunch and dinner menu this spring thanks to award winning celebrity chef Chris Coleman. Hailing from Panama with Jamaican roots his menu will focus on seafood naturally and will include signature meat lover’s dishes as well.

Executive Chef and Bravo’s chopped champion Coleman, specialty appetizers include Chesapeake Bay Maryland Crab Cakes, filled with huge pieces of delicious fresh crabmeat $18, Montauk lobster tacos $18, and freshly grilled Octopus salad. The favorite main courses from the sea included the The fresh water walleye, a crispy light white fish, $26, the Mediterranean Branzino $30, and the Wild Atlantic Salmon $26. From the land the 10oz skirt steak was tender and very flavorfull and the huge organic pork chop was juicy and cooked just right $22.

Lovecraft Bar was inspired by horror fiction author H.P. Lovecraft and is modeled by his literary works. With infused cocktails and a huge selection of beers plus live music downstairs, it has become a favorite for themed cocktail parties or laid back nights with great drinks and top notch food.

Lovecraft NYC 52 Avenue B New York, NY 10009